Most people want to be happy, healthy and have the lifestyle that they’ve always dreamt about. But most people don’t and are often unhappy, inflamed and stressed out of their brain with little work-life-family-play balance. We call this BURN-OUT. 

Why is this so prevalent?

We believe that many people are going through the motions of life without really knowing WHY.

Why do you jump out of bed every day? Why do you do the things you do? Why do you work every day? Why do you delve into the hobbies you have? Why do you invest in the relationships you have? Why do you do what you do?

Many people run around doing all this stuff with no why!

There’s no intention behind their actions.

There’s no reason to the cause.

It’s just fluff. And then, of course, they get stuck in the rut of DOING, DOING, DOING, and quickly burn-out.

Now here’s the thing,,,

Jumping out of bed because you’ve got work, ISN’T a why. Working because you’ve got bills to pay, ISN’T a why. Delving into hobbies so you’re not bored, ISN’T a why. Investing in relationships because you ‘have to’ or so you’re not lonely, ISN’T a why.

Doing simply because you feel you have to, will only ever lead to dissatisfaction, and you’ll likely prioritise these things over your own health, and possibly keep falling into toxic relationships. If you suddenly have a goal, say, to lose weight and get fit and healthy, without truly knowing your WHY you will at some stage fall off the band-wagon and end up back in the rut of your usual life.

You need to figure out what LIGHTS YOU UP! What sets your soul on fire. What excites you. What you get so passionate talking about. What makes you sing. What makes you dance. Who – or what – is most important to you. Or on a deeper, more spiritual level, why are you even here on earth? What is your purpose? What were you born to do?

That is your why!

And then once you know your why, EVERYTHING that you do should support that why. If you’re doing anything that doesn’t contribute – or maybe even sabotages – your why, eliminate it immediately! 

If you’re stuck on your why and not sure where to start, two things:

1. Read or Listen to ‘Find Your Why’ by Simon Sinek.

2. Book in for a FREE Discovery Call so that we can have a chat to help you decipher what lights you up!