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1FREE Community Breath-Work & Ice-Bath


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FREE Community Breath-Work & Ice-Bath event is set for SATURDAY 28 March, 9am-10am. Come along and GROW with us! Friends & non-members welcome 🙂


FREE Community Breath-Work & Ice-Bath Workshop, to help you with epic healing of your body, mind & spirit.

The workshop will focus on different self-care and recovery methods. The actual ice-bath is an OPTIONAL part of the event – if this is not your jam, we will have different hydrotherapy & recovery treatments which are also very beneficial.

This is a FREE community event. Friends & non-members are very welcome! Bookings are essential.


– Can ease sore and aching muscles.
– Helps your central nervous system, aiding in better sleep & more energy.
– Reduces inflammation.
– Trains your vagus nerve, aiding in better stress response.
– Can reduce anxiety & depression.
– Rejuvenates & invigorates.
– Improves mindset & ability to cope in challenging situations.
– Can improve physical performance.
– Can boost immunity.
– Helps heal emotional pain & trauma.
– Increases self-awareness & self-image.


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