We believe that true wellness can only be achieved holistically, by addressing the health of the body, the health of the mind, and the health of the spirit. 

There was a time when we were stuck in the SUPERFICIAL BODY only. We were all about trimming down or bulking up, all about how heavy you could lift, how fit you could be, or prepping to squash your opponents at a comp (this is pretty much what makes up 95% of the fitness industry today). The thing is, there came a time where the emphasis on the physical (what your body looks like and what your body can do) became so out-of-balance and so out-of-whack, that it was at its core very unhealthy.

Take Chris, our Founder of Move Strong, for example. He was so obsessed with elite level sport and being ‘the best’ – first national-level basketball, then national-level Strongman – that he broke his body down with multiple injuries, burnt his adrenals out, and was left living on energy drinks to get through work, and conking out on the couch when he was at home, leaving little time for his kids or his wife, or even his business. When competing in Strongman, he was also eating a massive amount of calories to ‘get strong’, putting on a lot of weight, and experiencing blood pressure and inflammatory issues. 

Even myself, just your average everyday exerciser, was putting too much emphasis on the physical by training with high-intensity exercise every day – sometimes twice a day – without properly fuelling my body with good food and sufficient sleep, and living with far too much stress while trying to complete my PhD before the birth of my first baby. In the end, my muscles literally started flaking out, and my fitness and energy levels plummeted very quickly. This no doubt contributed to my own adrenal fatigue and mitochondrial issues.

After our many years of working in the ‘health & fitness’ industry, we were both BURNT-OUT! We were tired, in pain, inflamed, and in our own ways not very happy (Chris felt lost, broken and frustrated; I was struggling big time with anxiety and massive amounts of overwhelm). We both needed to heal our bodies, and find a more healthy balance which would address our whole wellbeing.

This is where our revolutionary Move Strong Holistic Model of Wellness was brought to life, specifically to help others experiencing burnout. Our model brings harmony and balance to the physical, spiritual and mental elements of humanity.

Our system focusses on what we call DOING and BEING elements of wellness. Our practice of doing seeks to improve the relationship of the client with their body and building habits, rituals and routines designed to heal the body and to enhance total health.  We practice movement, balance, posture and also seek a healthy relationship with food. Our system uses functional medicine to bring balance and healing to the body systems ensuring the client thrives with health and vitality.

Our practice of being looks to unblock areas of developmental malignancy and in so doing, we bring health and vitality to the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of our clients. Our system combines ancient wisdom and modern science to develop a functional spiritual development practice with our clients.

It is this system that has enabled us to heal all aspects of our selves, and has allowed a platform for our own continual growth. We have helped many, many clients with this system – it WORKS! If you’re open to growth, humble enough to be coached, and willing enough to work, YOU CAN HEAL AND HAVE OPTIMAL HEALTH & WELLBEING!


Author: Filipa Bellette, Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner