We’ve all been there. Woken up in the morning, or finished work, tired or stressed, and don’t feel an ounce of motivation to get to the gym or to cook a healthy meal.

You start blaming others (or things) for your lack of motivation – your boss, your alarm clock, your kids, your health, or maybe even your coach.

This is where we say: MOTIVATION IS A LOAD OF CRAP!

That’s right.

Feeling pumped up and excited and motivated shouldn’t exclusively lead you to ACTION. In fact, when you feel the least motivated, this is when you should be driven to ACT!

Get this guys: motivation IS NOT important to your actions in this world.

The feeling of “not going to the gym” or “not cooking a healthy meal” (or whatever better habit you’re trying to instil) is IRRELEVANT. Get the hell up and JUST DO IT. Once you get started, you’ll see how amazingly easy it is to finish. And once you finish, you’ll feel good about what you just did. And that makes it easier to do it next time – regardless of whether you’re feeling ‘motivated’ or not.

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