This is the 4th and final day of this week’s free look into the Mongrels supplementary strength and conditioning program. The focus of this program is to ready yourself for the Tasmanian Strongman Series/Iron Trial competition in July. 

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Just a note on loads and percentage prescriptions for the workouts in this program cycle. These percentages should be based off what we call a working max (WM). This WM is 90% of your 1RM or Training Max (TM). FYI, a TM is an hypothetical or estimated max that you may or may not have actually completed. Long story short, whether you are using an actual personal best or an estimated one, you use 90% of that. I just want to make sure you are capable of doing this program and not missing any lifts.

Also, these workouts should be completed in under an hour, build work capacity and limit your rest breaks to 2-3mins.

A. Farmers carry
In 10mins, build to max 15m carry w/ drop and re-pick and carry. Goal is to do this as fast as possible. For a gauge as to how you’re progressing, see the Tasmanian Strongman Series Round 1 webpage (see event 2).

B. Back squat
6×3 @ 80%

C. 3″ Deficit Deadlift (based off .9 deadlift)