This month, we’d love to shine the light on one of our younger CrossFitters, Jesse Johnstone! Jesse has been training at Move Strong for almost a year. He has been attending our Youth Classes during school terms, and has also been doing Private Coaching with Coach Jase, to really up his CrossFit skills. Recently he has also joined his mum Adele in tackling the adult CrossFit classes (and very often beating some of the adults in the WODs!), as well as giving the CrossFit Open a crack. We love this young dude’s determination and persistence! Here’s what Coach Jase has to say about Jesse’s progress:

“Jesse has improved significantly, especially in more skilled movements like the snatch & clean and Jerk, he has mastered the Kipping pull-up and achieved muscle ups with banded assistance. Jesse is a hard working young man who has great potential in the sport of Crossfit if he continues to train as consistently as he has been. I look forward to smashing many many goals along side him.” – Coach Jase