Do you feel empty, flat or fatigued?

With all the things that you do in your life, how much of those things actually help to ‘refill your bucket’?

Consider this.

Perhaps it’s time to start doing the things that reflect your highest values in life. If you value family connection, why are you spending so much time at work? If you value fun and play, why are you spending so much time doing things that you consider a chore, or that are boring.

Maybe it’s time you actually got clear on what it is that you really value and start to set some priorities that reflect that!

Start by recognising that you aren’t running on a full tank and that your proverbial bucket is basically empty. Once you realise that, and you ACCEPT it, you can start to do things that refill your bucket.

Here’s a simple guide you might find handy. Your goal is to fill your 1litre bucket (your bucket has 4 cups haha):

Each of the following are -1cup:

* A workout
* A run
* A day at work
* Less than 7-8hrs sleep
* A missed meal
* An alcoholic standard drink
* A C.R.A.P. meal (carbonated refined artificial processed)
* A difficult conversation or argument
* Any perceived stressful situation
* High heart rate variability
* High blood pressure
* Lowered grip strength

The following are -2cups because I feel they are ultra stressful:

* You have sore joints
* You have severely sore muscles (DOMS)
* You are sick or ill
* You are pregnant

If you have the following, your bucket has a hole and you need to constantly refill it…and so these things are -3:

* You have adrenal fatigue
* You have a liver issue
* You have a gut issue
* You have a significant disorder or health issue (ie PCOS, painful menstration, acute injury, etc)

Now the stuff that refills your bucket. Add +1 cup for each of the following:

* A positive and grateful outlook on life
* A good stretch session
* A good massage
* Wim Hoff techniques
* An ice bath
* Contrast shower
* Magnesium bath
* A good 7-8hrs sleep
* A big hug with someone you love
* Saying (and meaning) that you forgive someone or that you’re sorry
* Looking in the mirror and saying positive things about yourself for 5minutes
* Meditation
* A gentle and easy walk
* Do something that relaxes you
* Do something that makes you smile
* Hold hands and look into the eyes of someone you love and tell them that you love them and are grateful for them
* Write in your journal

How did you fare? How full is your bucket! Yes…you can go into the negatives…you need to fix that!