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We have a range of services designed to help you reach your true potential – whether that be to conquer over your competitors, gain general strength and fitness, lose fat & build muscle, address your health issues, or create a strong mind so you can be the best at life! We have a strong focus on rebalancing dysfunctional movement and reducing pain, because we know how debilitating injuries and niggles can be to performance goals and to life in general. We also place a big emphasis on mindset & nutrition coaching, as you will never create the body & health you desire without these foundational stones.

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st lukes We are a provider for StLukes Health. If you are a StLukes Health member, you may be able to claim money back from the following services: Private Coaching, Individualised Programming, CrossFit Group Training. Our Provider Number is A4000985. If you are a member of a different Private Health company, please let us know and we will apply for registration with them to help you with your training fees.