Are you confused by all the nutritional diets out there? Do you wonder if your training program suits your genetic type?
With our Functional Medicine Buccal Swab Gene test, we can find out exactly what your body needs in terms of diet, nutrition & exercise, so that you don’t have to fudge around in the dark, trying to work out what works for you! 
This lab test analyses over 80 genetic markers known to impact metabolism, exercise and energy use within the human body, along with a detailed 48-page report. The test examines specific genetic markers to give you personal insight about how your body processes sugars, fats, vitamins and nutrients, as well as a detailed analysis on how your body responds to exercise based upon your genetics. In your report, you will also receive an insight into your genetic likelihood to develop certain conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and best ways to eat and move, in order to reduce your risk of developing health conditions.

To check out what a report might look like, go here.


Combining Science with Training, Nutrition & Health

At Move Strong Gym we strive to combine science with training, nutrition & health. We are rolling out new personal training packages that incorporate functional medicine lab-testing, so that we can create genetically individualised training and nutrition program, to guide you to optimal health. There are no cookie-cutter programs here! When you train with us, you will know we are taking your individual genetics and metabolic imbalances seriously. We will test for these markers, and create programs based on your lab results, to ensure you are able to heal from your health problems, and become an optimal performing human being!

Get in touch with us today via our Contact Us page to book in for a consultation with our Head Coach Chris “BigDog” Bellette, to find out more about how we can help you achieve the YOU you’ve been missing out on! Or call BigDog directly on 0402 733 944.

Your Health Practitioners

Husband & wife, Chris & Filipa Bellette, have teamed up to put together their 15+ years of education, clinical/coaching experience and expertise to create a killer package to help you reach your goals! We have easily spent over $150,000 on our education and training, so that we can help you achieve REAL RESULTS. There is NOTHING like this in Tasmania, let alone in Devonport, so if you are ready to invest in your health, fitness and your very soul, contact us today. We promise, with your compliance, we will make big things happen for you!