Have you ever done a detox cleanse? Maybe it was a week of juices, or a water fast, or a month of super clean meals with lots of cruciferous vegetables, high-antioxidant fruits and lean, organic meats. 

When we talk about detoxing your life – we’re talking about far more than just your food, and certainly for a longer duration then a 1-week or 1-month stint. For someone experiencing burn-out, there is often an intricate web of ‘toxins’ that cause you to burn the candle at both ends. 

Detoxing your life involves looking at EVERY aspect of your life, and ridding your life (where possible) of anything that is inflaming or soul-sapping, or anything that is stopping you from achieving your goals, and your desire to have more energy, be pain-free and have balance and happiness. Sometimes this ‘ridding’ may come down to ridding your mind of a fixed, negative state, to a state that embraces growth and opportunities in the face of trials and challenges. 

We help our clients to detox from these six areas, which we believe will help to achieve true wellness and vibrant health:

  1. Emotional / Mental wellness – What are your thoughts like? Are you constantly thinking negative? Are you stuck in repetitive thought patterns of anxiety? Or stuck in the gloom of the past of depression? Do you have a fixed-mindset, closed to growth, change, and live your life in fear or lack humility? THIS IS TOXIC.
  2. Spiritual wellness – Do you know who you are? Why you are here on earth? What your purpose is? How you can better humanity or the environment or the universe with your passion and your skillset? Are you willing to find out? Do you follow through with your core values and beliefs? Do you live your values and beliefs? If no, THIS IS TOXIC. 
  3. Physical wellness – How well do you look after your physical body? Do you exercise mindfully? Do you work on your aches and niggles? Do you eat mostly vegetables and fruits, clean protein & fats? Do you sleep at least 7-9 hours a night? Are you in bed before 10pm? Do you engage in stress-reduction activities like mindfulness, meditation, family time, play time? Do you get out in the sun every day? Do you know the underlying cause of your health issues, and do you work towards healing symptoms? If no, THIS IS TOXIC. 
  4. Environmental wellness – What is your kitchen set-up? Is your fridge full of fresh produce? Do you have a good set of cooking appliances? Are your cupboards nice and clean of processed foods like bread, cakes, cookies, chocolate, chips, etc? Is your bedroom set up like a cave? Dark, technology-free, adequate room temperature? Do you get out in nature regularly? Do you care for your environment by reducing waste, your carbon-print? If no, THIS IS TOXIC.
  5. Social wellness – Do you have a loving relationship with your family? Do you give quality time to those who matter most? Do you have a good support network? Your own personal cheering squad? Are you a leader in your family or your social circles, helping others towards a healthy life? Can you say no to things that don’t matter, or that stop you from achieving your goals? If no, THIS IS TOXIC.
  6. Financial wellness – do you live from week to week off your pay? No savings or investments? Do you feel uncomfortable talking about money? Have fear and scarcity around money (even if you are ‘well-off’)? Feel stressed and insecure with your finances? If yes, THIS IS TOXIC.

If any of these areas are TOXIC, you will never achieve true wellness until they are addressed.


Authors: Filipa Bellette (Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner) & Chris Bellette, (Transformational Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach).