There will be dark days.

Balancing on a razors edge, you fumble forward. Peril and disaster wait on either side, the darkness ready to consume. Oh those dark days. The windless sails and stalling flight. You can’t move forward, progress halts. Every step is teeth grinding, soul reaching, blood and sweat and tears.

And then the light! A beacon that pulls your mind. It straightens your resolve. Fires and molten ore drip the slag from your life – iron hardened spirit is forged. The light caused a spark and the spark brought flame, flame caused a fire and then the raging inferno – unquenshable and burning hot, your fire won’t easily be put out.

Balancing on a razors edge you run full tilt. Though the abyss threatens to swallow, you faint not and quit you don’t. The dark days are gone and bright skies are here.

But there will soon be dark days…

I find that when I’m in my dark days, there are a few things that lead me back to the light. Here’s my little list:

  • Train for something, like a competition or an event. This is a powerful way of staying focussed
  • Set time sensitive, specific, measurable, gut-wrenchingly challenging goals
  • Look within, see what needs to change within myself. I’m not perfect, so what needs to change. How can I be the man I’m destined to become?
  • Serve others. Be a friend, do big things for others. Participate in a fundraiser or charity event. Give of myself and give liberally.
  • Call on friends, family and other Strong Movers to give me a hand, to lend support or stand by my side. True friends have your back no matter what and they will always tell you what you need to hear…it ain’t always fun to hear and the truth is sometimes hard to swallow.

I really think that we have a great thing going here at CrossFit Devonport! Each of our faces are on the wall, we aren’t a bunch of faceless, nameless humans. We are family. We stick together and support each other. When the going gets tough, we stick together, we lean in and stay tight. No one understands but us.

Are your dark days upon you? Where will you find your light?

Coming up in the next couple of months are some very exciting competitions that us Strong Movers can participate in.

  • Tasmanian strongman series (round 1 hosted at Move Strong!)
  • The King of the Coast 2015
  • CFWX Hobart Throwdown
  • CAPO National Powerlifting Titles
  • CrossFit Levitates partner competition

So there you have it. Plenty of things for us to get busy and start working towards as individuals, as gym members, as team mates…as friends 🙂

In 7mins, build to +2.5kg

B. Bench press
Linear progression

C. AMRAP 10mins
– TTB x 7
– SKTC x21
– Dips x 7
– Push-ups x 21

Wed Results