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Are you living your truth?

By |2018-08-07T07:54:22+00:00August 7th, 2018|WODs|

“Every minute you’re alive you’re energising your ‘truth’ or your ‘not truth,’ and the more you energise your ‘not truth,’ the stronger your shadow becomes” [...]

CrossFit Devonport – 180915

By |2018-05-19T02:50:59+00:00May 19th, 2018|WODs|

All WODs in SugarWOD

By |2017-09-18T10:44:06+00:00September 18th, 2017|WODs|

Hi team! All our CrossFit WODs are now available to view in SugarWOD (see the green WOD button in the bottom right-hand corner of this [...]

CrossFit Devonport-080217

By |2017-02-08T09:40:08+00:00February 8th, 2017|WODs|

CrossFit Devonport-070217

By |2017-02-08T09:37:36+00:00February 8th, 2017|WODs|

CrossFit Devonport – 070217

By |2017-02-07T07:51:53+00:00February 7th, 2017|WODs|

Gymnastics 3rds: - 1min L-sit - 25 hollow rocks MetCon 3RFT: - run 800m - 30 KBS @ 32/24kg

CrossFit Devonport – 060217

By |2017-02-06T10:49:22+00:00February 6th, 2017|WODs|

Strength Find C&J max MetCon For time: - 25 burpee box jumps - 10 C&J @ 70/55kg - 25 wall balls

CrossFit Devonport – 310117

By |2017-01-31T09:36:53+00:00January 31st, 2017|WODs|

MetCon 20min EMOM: Odds: 2 PC (building) Evens: 20 abmat sit-ups Them, straight into the following for time: - 15 PC @ 60/42.5kg - 15 [...]

CrossFit Devonport-300117

By |2017-01-30T03:35:29+00:00January 30th, 2017|WODs|

Skill 9min EMOM 1. 30sec HSPU 2. 30sec mbc 3. 30sec du Strength FSQ x 7,7,7,7 MetCon For time: - 75 wb - 50 kbs [...]

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