Hippocrates said: “It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.”

Too often doctors and specialists are focusing on the ‘disease’ and how to treat the ‘disease’ rather than what CAUSED the disease to manifest in the first place.

While some people can fall ill because of accidents, trauma, genetics, etc., very often we do things to ourselves that actually CAUSE our body to go out of balance, which manifests into symptoms, which can then manifest into diseases. These things that we do too ourselves often include: too much sugar and processed crap, not enough vegetables, going to bed too late, staying up on a technology which then affects our sleep, not exercising or moving enough, or exercising too much, stressing too much, doing too much, not working on a healthy mindset, etc., etc. 

Let’s put this into the context of BURN-OUT. You have to focus first on WHY you are burnt out. Often you are doing the ‘sick’ things mentioned above, or maybe you’re prioritising other people over yourself. Saying yes to too many things – and things that don’t really matter. 

In order to treat your burn-out, we help you to BUILD OUT A GAME-PLAN. This involves a number of process and identity-driven steps. In a nutshell, we will:

  1. Before even investigating the root cause of your burnout, we first help you work out WHERE YOU WANT TO BE (e.g. full of energy, pain-free and happy!), WHERE YOU ARE NOW (e.g. fatigued, inflamed and miserable), and WHAT’S STOPPING YOU FROM GETTING TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE (e.g. lack of support, not knowing how to get there, motivation).
  2. Next we get into inner work and help you work out your vision for your health and your life, your purpose for being on this earth, and identify and eliminate toxic things in your life that are dragging you down.
  3. Then we’ll do some physical assessments, testing, and re-corrections. Depending on the client, this may include functional medicine lab testing to see if the neuroendocrine, gut or detox systems are out of whack, which may be causing your symptoms and stopping you from achieving your goals. We will build out a therapeutic plan to recorrect these imbalances. We will also look at your physical body and your nutrition, and prescribe you with individualised healing rehabilitation, training and nutrition programs. 
  4. Finally, to keep this all moving forward, and making sure this is a long-lasting change for you, we will also work on your mindset, establish priorities, make sense of your mess and bring structure to your struggles. 

We are very big on accountability and support – we have found that having a coach or mentor is essential for keeping you on track to achieving your goals. Many people fail or quit because this is not in place. No real change happens quickly, so expect recovery from burnout to take anywhere from 3-months – 12-months. The closer you follow our principles and systems, the quicker you will achieve vibrant energy, a body that is pain-free, and true happiness!


Authors: Filipa Bellette (Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner) & Chris Bellette, (Transformational Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach).