I am not your ideal image of anything strength and fitness wise. In this years open I came 50-something in Tasmania and wasn’t the best athlete in our box. I had fun though and I feel happy with my performance. I definitely “gave it a crack”.

I played high level basketball up until my late 20’s, and quit prematurely due to ongoing knee, ankle and back injuries. If I found CrossFit back then and had a good coach I’d like to think my life and health would be different. The rose coloured glasses of hindsight 🙂

These injuries and physical setbacks depressed me and led me down a dark path mentally, a place from which I never thought I’d return. I started a business in the fitness industry and after another injury to my knee while playing social basketball I not only figured I needed to hang up my boots entirely, but I thought I might need to find another career!image

I decided to turn to education, and to cut a long story short, I found kettlebells, the FMS crowd and started learning from guys like Gray Cook, Mike Boyle, Dan John, Pavel Tsatsouline, and Andrew Read. I then found CrossFit and then Powerlifting and Strongman and the path I walked changed forever for me.

I learned how to identify movement errors and imbalances. I started learning why I kept hurting my knee and how to fix myself. I am excited to say that I feel stronger and in less pain structurally then I ever have before!

Now that’s the preamble.

I want to talk about big ole quitters. People who sook out, throw in the towel, give up, change for the sake of change. People who are lazy, procrastinators, or who in general complain about anything or everything.

There are times when you need to rest. Times to take it easy and sit it out. There are times when you need to buck up, rock up and give it a crack – a big ole super-modified crack!

If you’re hurting, and if it’s because of a workout, take it easy, rock up, make me earn my money and let me teach you what I know. I can help you!

If you’re hurting and its joint pain, structural or something, rock up, lemme share my expertise with you and ill get you to your goals despite how much of a hole you’re in.


If you’re lazy, demotivated, stressed and deflated, rock the hell up man and let me earn your respect, and thanks by letting me motivate and push and kick and yell and hug and high five and cuddle and play and sometimes berate you…by rocking up, giving it a crack and letting me earn what you’re pauing me!

Your’e not the expert here 🙂 lemme do my job. Come put your trust in me and I’ll take you to a place you’ve never been! Broken or not! You’ll get there! I promise! Everyone does! Just have faith and belief and turn up!