“For every level there’s another devil…it’s time to get off the pity potty and move on with your life!” Tyrese Gibson

Beware, the following video has strong language.

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Posted by GYM Motivation on Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wow! this quote really resonated with me today. If you’re happy staying the same or living life at equilibrium, then fine, don’t push yourself to another level! You might complain that others don’t see or have or feel or get the same trials as you, but that’s just narrow sighted! When you push yourself to another level you find yourself confronted with another devil. The grass is not greener on the other side yo! It’s just as brown no matter where you stand! Get off that pity potty and start living your life! Make a decision, live with the consequences and harden up!

I get it, I see that there are big pains and big trials happening in your life right now, but you’re stronger than that! You don’t need to complain or live in constant sorrow or wallow. Live man! Be alive! Come out of your shell and be the man or woman you were destined to become! Life goes on, don’t let it pass you by! Grab it by the damn horns and ride it baby! Giddy-friggin-up!

~Bigdog out! 🙂