Hi team! All our CrossFit WODs are now available to view in SugarWOD (see the green WOD button in the bottom right-hand corner of this page).

We are now using SUGARWOD to track our daily WOD performance. Every week, the program for the week will be added to SUGARWOD and during class, you can punch in your scores. You’ll be able to see everybody else’s scores too, and ‘fistbump’ your CrossFit mates for a job well done! You can also upload comments and photos, and SUGARWOD will graph your scores so you can easily see your progress.

We’re heaps excited to be using this program, and know that it will help you progress as you record and track your performance. So jump onto your smart phones and download the ‘SUGARWOD’ app. Once it’s downloaded, search out our ‘box’ – ‘Move Strong Gym (CrossFit Devonport)’. You’ll be able to find the WODs for this week, and start recording your scores. 

SUGARWOD is FREE for all members!