Originally called “The Woodstock of Fitness”, the first CrossFit Games were first held in 2007 on Dave Castro’s family ranch in California. Last year at this time, there were just more than 13,000 affiliates. Today, it has surpassed 14,500. 2018 promises to be a landmark year for the CrossFit Games. With the 2017 winner being Australia’s own Tia-Clair Toomey, she earned the title “Fittest Woman on Earth”. Despite CrossFit’s increasing prominence, there are still some misconceptions pulling people away from enjoying this sport. Learn more about them here. 

8 Misconceptions About CrossFit

Since CrossFit was introduced in 2001, it has grown to become one of the world’s fastest-growing sports sponsored by big brands like Reebok. At the time of writing, CrossFit has over 588 gyms in Australia and over 10 in Tasmania. This year’s CrossFit Games Open shows a 3% increase in the number of Masters participating, 41% of which are from ages 35-39 followed by 40-44-year olds. Believe it or not, there are also 60-something-year-olds joining the event — making up 3% of the total number of participants. The competition is fairly divided between men (56%) and women (44%). 

Despite CrossFit’s increasing prominence, there are still a good number of misconceptions about CrossFit floating around. Here are some of them:

CrossFit is Dangerous

CrossFit will get you injured. 

This is probably the biggest misconception people have about CrossFit. Unlike other exercise programs like F45, CrossFit gyms operated independently from each other. CrossFit has its own share of risks but so has climbing the stairs or jogging around the park. CrossFit injury rates where smaller than those seen in contact sports. This study shows that “the overall rate of injury in CrossFit athletes was only 2.3/1000 athlete training hours.”

Oftentimes, injuries that occur in CrossFit classes are due to the unchecked ego of participants who attempt to do too much instead of scaling properly. Highly trained CrossFit coaches design personalised training programs based on your fitness level to ensure you get a safe workout during each class.

CrossFit is For Athletes Only

CrossFit is challenging and athletes are naturally drawn to it. But you don’t have to be a pro footballer or basketballer in order to enjoy the benefits of CrossFit. Move Strong’s members come from all walks of life — businessmen, office workers, mums, etc. These are plenty of members who have hobbies other than sports. The only prerequisite you need to get the most out of CrossFit is the passion to be better than you were yesterday. 

CrossFit is for “Fit” People Only

I’m overweight and unfit. CrossFit is not for me. 

CrossFit is designed for people of all sizes and abilities. Every workout is infinitely scalable and does not need a certain level of fitness to join. For instance, if you cannot handle a 10 kg weight, you are free to drop down until you are comfortable. Are pull-ups too hard? Feel free to use a band or start down low from the floor.

CrossFit’s scalability offers a lot of options and movements for all kinds of people — young, old, underweight, overweight, seasoned, or newbie. Move Strong’s CrossFit coaches take good care of their tribe. In depth consultations are made beforehand to make sure that the training regimen is suited to you and that your personal goals will be reached. This does not only improve your workout’s efficiency but also reduces your risk of injury.

CrossFit is for The Young

If you think CrossFit is not built for the oldies, then think again. Thanks to CrossFit’s infinite scalability, don’t be surprised if you see 40, 50 and 60+-somethings sweating it out with members in their prime. 

Unifying science and training to help you achieve your true potential, Move Strong’s CrossFit trainers can create a program specific to the needs of older members. Joint, health issues, mobility, and range of motion can all be factored into each class for a safe and effective workout.

CrossFit will Make Women Bulky

Ladies, you will not get bulky like Arnold Schwarzenegger doing CrossFit — unless you’re taking a steroid cocktail or are deliberately working out to achieve that look. It is simple science. A woman’s body is not designed to build a bulky muscle mass. 

“Everyone has a different body shape. And everyone has their own ideal body. I think when it comes to CrossFit there is an image of a typical body that people think you have to have in order to do CrossFit, which is definitely not the case. 

People have to sit back and ask themselves what actually will make them happy. Will it be having a really nice physique that’s really slim but not a lot of muscle definition? Or is it a bit of toning where you can see a bit of shape in the arms and legs and abdominals? The first thing is people need to realise what they want. And then, with CrossFit, you can change the workout accordingly and you can get that body. “ 

– Tia-Clair Toomey, CrossFit Games Champion and Author of “The Fittest Woman On Earth”

CrossFit is a Cult

People who enjoy CrossFit love talking about what they do and often encourage their friends to join them. Move Strong’s CrossFit program forges close-knit communities that inspire and support each other. But no, it’s not a cult. 

Your friends who are into CrossFit might be annoying at times. You just have to understand that it’s because they are enjoying it and want you to experience the same. It’s just what passion does to you. 

Do you know why people love CrossFit so much? It’s because each program is personalised. There’s no deafening loud music, peer pressure, or 50 burpees to do in 50 seconds. It’s a workout program focused on quality, not quantity. The community support is also admirable, with seasoned CrossFitters working out side-by-side with newbies to inspire and help each other, which can be found at the heart of Move Strong’s CrossFit classes.  

CrossFit Gyms are the Same

CrossFit Headquarters is not a franchise system. This means that every CrossFit affiliate or gym is specially trained, but is also free to operate as each owner sees fit. Move Strong Gym develops its own programs based on the needs of its members to give them the best results. 

With that said, no CrossFit gyms are the same. Each gym is independently owned and depending on the vibe, space, programming, equipment, knowledge and coaching, you will find there is a wide variety of CrossFit experiences. And you know what’s even better? You are free to choose a gym that suits your goals and lifestyles. 

CrossFit is a Fad

Greg Glassman and his wife started the CrossFit movement in 2001 to share their ideas on fitness training. From its humble beginnings, CrossFit grew to become a sport with wide media coverage and big-time sponsors. In February this year, the CrossFit open kicked off in preparation for the CrossFit Games with an estimated 500,000 CrossFit athletes from all over the world testing their strength, endurance, and gymnastics skills to try and gain a place at the CrossFit Games in August. Can you recall a fitness fad that achieved such prominence? CrossFit keeps on growing because of its training efficacy and the community that surrounds it, not by throwing money at it.

Today, there are more than 8,700 CrossFit affiliate gyms around the globe with Move Strong being the first of its kind in Devonport. Move Strong’s mission? To help you realise your true potential and conquer your fears with science-backed training programs. Start working towards the best version of you, today!